Attractions and Activities

Indian Springs Camp offers a wonderful variety of outdoor activities within the campground for you to enjoy during your stay. When planning your trip you’ll also want to schedule time to visit some of the great attractions found in the Big Thicket area. You’ll find everything from historical and natural sites to art, shopping, dining, water parks and more.

Things To See and Do:

Campground Activities

INDIAN SPRINGS CAMP offers a host of activities that will keep children and adults busy all day. Experience our obstacle courses, hiking and canoeing. If your love is fishing, Village Creek and some of the cypress “black water” sloughs will fulfill your every desire of catching the “big one”. The camp contains a great diversity of animal and plant life just waiting for your “outdoor” study program. Nature trails will take you through some of the most scenic areas of the thicket. We have several “wet-land” areas such as baygalls, sloughs and water tupelo sloughs. Numerous kinds of birds live in or migrate through this area, making this a “birdwatcher’s paradise”. Picnicking on the banks of the creek will offer you a scene of tranquility that will be “picture postcard” perfect. This is truly a lovely part of Southeast Texas.

We also have mountain bike and ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) trails.

Wildlife and Nature

Animal life is an important part of Indian Springs. The Big Thicket is home to an incredible variety including squirrels, rabbits, woodpeckers, bobcat, roadrunners, armadillo, wood ducks, yellow-billed cuckoos and other furry friends. Don’t be surprised to find a deer walking through the camp and watch out for those raccoons. As you can see, your Christmas presents can’t be trusted with them!

INDIAN SPRINGS is also a licensed rehabilitation center for wild animals, taking in lost “babies” and nursing them until they are ready to be released back into the wilderness.

Biological Crossroads of North America

People have called the Big Thicket the biological crossroads of North America because of its extraordinary number of species that coexist here. Major North American biological influences bump up against each other here; southeastern swamps, eastern forests, central plains, and southwest deserts.

There are over 85 tree species, more than 60 shrubs, and nearly 1,000 other flowering plants, including 26 ferns and allies, 20 orchids and four of North America’s five types of insect-eating plants. Nearly 186 kinds of birds live here or migrate through. Fifty reptile species include a small, rarely seen population of alligators. Amphibious frogs and toads abound.


Birdwatcher’s “flock” to this area each year to visit the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail with over 600 different bird species. The Big Thicket is part of the Upper Texas Coast section of the trail which consists of 125 distinct birding sites.

Local Attractions

The Big Thicket National Reserve – One of most popular destinations for visitors to the area with a variety of activities, trails, wildlife and nature. The visitors center and entrance to the park are located directly across the road from Indian Springs Camp.

The Kirby-Hill House Museum – Restored mansion located in Kountze, TX, offers historical tours, educational programs and other events.

Wildwood Golf Club – A beautiful 18-hole golf course located just 5 minutes from the camp. Open to Indian Springs campers.

Kountze, Texas offers a variety of grocery and retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other businesses for your convenience.

Historical Cemetaries – Southeast Texas is teeming with old cemetaries dating back to the early pioneer days, each with interesting stories behind them. To find out more, contact Chamber offices at the links below.

Legendary Locations – The South is full of legends and legendary sites such as “The Ghost Road” where a ghostly light appears at night. Scientists are still baffled by the light, but legend say it’s the railroad lantern of a beheaded brakeman. Other sites include Keyser Burnout, Pigeon Roost Prairie, The Bear Camp, Bear Man’s Bluff, and the Old Springs Resort Hotel.

Other nearby areas of interest are the Silsbee Water Park, Village Creek State Park, Icehouse Museum, Roy E. Larson Sandyland Sanctuary, and the Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation.

Helpful Contacts

Texas Parks and Wildlife, 4200 Smith School Road , Austin, TX 78744-3291, 1-800-792-1112

Silsbee Chamber of Commerce, 545 North 5th Street,Silsbee, TX 77656, 1-409-385-5562

Texas Dept. of Transportation, Travel and Information Division, P.O. Box 5064, Austin, TX 78763, 1-800-452-9292

Please feel free to contact Indian Spring Camp at 409-781-3074 for questions or more information regarding your upcoming trip to the Big Thicket area.